Fire Protection

Outstanding fire protection is one of the primary reasons to purchase a Winchester Safe. Our safes, beginning with the Ranger Deluxe Series through our Legacy Premier Series and Home & Office Series, are all fire rated at an advanced temperature of 1400°F. This equates to a 17% higher temperature rating than competitor's safes with a rating of 1200°F. Our Deputy and Pony Series offer great value at slightly lower fire ratings. 

Fire protection and ratings are determined by the amount of layers of fireboard in the door and body. The construction of the safe is also crucial to achieve the highest fire rating possible. When you compare the fire ratings of Winchester Safes to our competitors, our safes provide greater fire protection. In most cases, we utilize thicker fireboard and an increased number of layers to provide the industry's best fire rated gun safes. 

Winchester Safes also incorporates an external hinge in our door design. The obvious advantage of an external door hinge is that it allows 180 degrees of swing and complete door opening to access your safe interior. Any competitor safes that use an internal hinge must have approximately a four inch square "relief" cut into the fireboard inside the safe to facilitate the internal hinge to swing inside the safe body. There is little or no insulation in the "relief" cut area, which will allow heat transfer directly into the the interior of the safe and could destroy your valuables. 

The chart shown below will give you a quick overview of our fire ratings by Series.