Notion Monitoring for Winchester Safes

Why Monitor Your Winchester Safe With Notion?

Monitor your Winchester Safe while away from home with Notion.

The super-smart awareness system that detects moisture, temperature changes, movement and more, sending customizable alerts directly to your smart phone. This easy-to-install sensor gives you peace of mind by providing comprehensive insights at any time and can be paired with other sensors to create a whole-home Notion monitoring system.

The Notion Sensor is approximately 2 inches in diameter and 0.7" in depth.

Stay Connected

Whether you're at work, in the yard, or half-way around the world, Notion is there for you when it matters most.

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Know your Entire Home with Notion, not just doors, windows, and smoke alarms.

One Sensor, Many Mindful Uses

With eight different senses that work seamlessly together in each sensor, the monitoring possiblities are endless

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Smoke Alarms

Water Leak



Propane Tanks

“Installation in just under five minutes. Plug in the bridge, connect to wifi, and place the sensors. It's that simple.”

Custom Alerts

Too Many Notifications can be overwhelming. Get Important Alerts, only when you want them.

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As Notion Learns, New Capabilities will be added through Notion's Wireless Sensor and App Updates

Data Security

Utilizes best-in-class security protocols like AES-256-Bit End-To-End Encryption, OAUTH 2.0 and Transport Layer Security