The Winchester Safes Advantage

Why buy a winchester safe?

As strong as the Winchester Legend.

Our gun safes embody the reliability and integrity that earned Winchester its title as The American Legend. Not a single detail is overlooked in our manufacturing process. We guarantee no matter what product you purchase, when you see the Winchester Safes name, you will receive the best quality gun safe with truly tested and proven security, backed by the best safe warranty in the industry.

The pride we have in the name we represent maintains a level of excellence that has come to be expected of our company. We never settle and our technology is constantly improving to meet and exceed industry standards. Through our years of success, we understand that our reputation is built on more than the finished product; it’s established through the standard services that comprise the Winchester Safes Advantage.

Burglary Protection

Rigorously Tested for Industry Leading Security

Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed in the United States. Every year, over 2.5 million home break-ins are reported. Burglary attacks are the number one threat to your gun safe and its contents and it’s always played a key role in the design characteristics of our safes. Features such as recessed doors, solid steel hinges, anti-pry tabs, large dead locking bolts and reinforced doorjambs help increase theft protection and are common on all Winchester safes.

All of our safes built with 12 ga. and thicker steel have endured and surpassed the rigorous testing as a residential security container (RSC) for burglary protection by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In fact, due to our innovations, we were the first safe manufacturer worldwide to be listed by UL under the RSC category. This is an important security distinction that puts us ahead of competitors.

Today, we are recognized as the industry leader in gun safe security. Every Winchester Safe has been tested and approved as a California DOJ firearm safety device. We also use U.L. Listed Mechanical Dial Locks or EMP-Resistant U.L. Listed Electronic Locks on all Winchester Safes in production.

Certain features may vary within series and models.

Fire Protection

Rigorously Tested for Industry Leading Security

Every 85 seconds a home structure fire is reported in the United States. 371,000 are reported each year. Our state-of-the-art fire protection is the product of years of trials and research resulting in one of the most efficient and effective fire ratings in the industry. We don’t believe in doing “just enough" or bending the test rules to support false claims of fire protection. Many of our safes are fire rated at an advanced temperature of 1400°F. That’s a 17% increase to the industry standard of 1200°F.

The construction of a safe is crucial to its ability to withstand extreme conditions. Fireboard plays the ultimate role in fire protection. At Winchester Safes, we build with thicker fireboard and an increased number of layers to provide safes with superior true fire ratings than our competitors. The weights of our safes don't lie.

Winchester Safes incorporates an external solid steel hinge design in all of our doors. This allows 180 degrees of swing but it also plays a central role in fire protection. An external door hinge means there are no requirements for relief cuts in the fireboard to allow the door to close.

Competitors choose an internal hinge design, which demands a relief cut from the fireboard. The problem with this design choice is that it leaves little or no room for fire protection in the relief cut area. This allows heat to directly transfer into the interior of the safe. When heat enters your safe, your valuables are no longer protected.

Winchester Safes exclusively use Palusol® Heat Expandable Door Seal on all of our safes, which when subjected to heat expands over six times its size to seal the door, creating a barrier for smoke and heat.

Certain features may vary within series and models.

“the finest fit, consistency and finish in the industry.”

In all possible cases, Winchester Safes uses recycled materials. These recycled items can be found in our packaging, interiors and even the steel itself. We use a VOC-free powder paint finish that doesn’t emit chemicals into the environment.

Replacement Guarantee

Peace of mind for your safe

At Winchester Safes, we believe giving your word should mean something. So when we tell you our safes are equipped to handle the toughest outlaws and the hottest fires, we proudly stand strong behind those claims. If your Winchester Safe is ever damaged in a fire or burglary attack, at our option, we will repair, replace or in certain cases refund your purchase price.

Winchester safes warranty

a warranty you can count on

2 Year

Lock Warranty

S&G Mechanical Lock
S&G Electronic Lock
LG Electronic Lock

Both the mechanical and electronic locks included in all Winchester Safes products are covered by a two-year warranty (TS-9-EFL, TS12-30, and TS26-45 models are covered for only one year) against defects in materials and workmanship. For a nominal fee, the lock warranty can be extended an additional nine years, for a total of eleven years warranty coverage on the lock. Contact Winchester Safes Customer Service Department to purchase the additional coverage on the lock.


Lifetime Warranty

All Gun and
Home & Office Safes

Winchester Safes come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, beginning on the purchase date, against defects in materials and workmanship. If your Winchester Safe is ever damaged in a fire or burglary attack, at our option, we will repair, replace or in certain cases refund your purchase price. Photos of the damaged safe must accompany the replacement claim.

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