Frequently Asked Questions

I lost the combination or keys to my safe. What should I do?

For your protection, the most important aspect of this process is for us to verify the true ownership of the safe. Please go to the COMBINATION/KEY REQUEST section of this website and follow the instructions. You will be required to provide a notarized signature and/or proof of purchase. Once completed, fax or mail the forms to us for processing, there is a $35.00 charge for this service.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell keys for the GSP, TS-12,TS-20, TS-26 and the new TS-36. We do not sell keys for the dials.

What kind of battery should I use in my electronic lock?

High security electronic safe locks are very sensitive to battery power. We highly recommend the use of only a 9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL® battery. They’ve been strenuously tested and proven to last longer during safe lock operation.

What should I do if my electronic lock drains my battery quickly?

If the correct battery is installed (9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL®), the battery should last about six (6) months with normal operation. If your battery fails within a week, contact our Technical Service Department at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901.

How do I replace the battery in my electronic lock?

Click on the link BATTERY INSTALLATION and select your electronic lock and follow the instructions.We highly recommend the use of only a 9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL® battery. They’ve been strenuously tested and proven to last longer during safe lock operation.

If my battery goes dead, will I lose my combination?

No, you will not lose your combination. The combination is retained in the lock even after power is lost. Simply install a new battery and operate the lock in a normal manner.We highly recommend the use of only a 9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL® battery. They’ve been strenuously tested and proven to last longer during safe lock operation.

How do I change the combination in my electronic lock?

Click on LOCK INSTRUCTIONS and select the electronic lock installed on your Winchester Safe. Follow the instructions to change your combination. Important: Store your new combination in a safe place, other than your safe!

Can I change the combination in the mechanical (dial) lock?

No, you cannot change the combination. High security mechanical locks require special tools and lock expertise to change the combination. Please contact a licensed Safe Technician in your area and they will change your combination for a nominal fee.

I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get five “beeps,” and the lock will not open. What does this mean?

Five “beeps” indicate that your lock battery is too low and you must replace it to operate your safe. Please insert a fresh alkaline battery into your lock and try your code again. You can find instructions for changing your battery HERE.

I enter my code and get three beeps and then I enter the code again an get three beeps and then the keypad will not respond and is locked out?

Three “beeps” in succession indicate that the lock does not recognize the code you entered as being valid. Verify your code and enter it again. If the lock still does not open, please go to our COMBINATION/KEY REQUEST section and follow the instructions. Once completed, fax or mail the forms to us for processing; there is a $35.00 charge for this service..

I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get two “beeps” and safe will not open. I enter it again, and get two “beeps” and safe is locked out. Now what?

Two “beeps” in succession are consistent with the lock recognizing your code, however a fresher battery is needed. Please install a Duracell or Energizer battery with an expiration of at least 2027 or even better a 2028. Please contact our Technical Service Department for assistance at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901.

Can I buy more keys for my eVault safe?

Keys can be ordered directly through us. Please go to the COMBINATION/KEY REQUEST section and follow the instructions. Once completed, fax or mail the forms to us for processing, there is a $35.00 charge for this service.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell keys for the GSP, TS-12, and TS-26. We do not sell keys for the dials.

Can I switch a mechanical (dial) lock to an electronic (push-button) lock after I have purchased the safe?

Yes, contact a licensed Safe Technician who can perform this service for you. You cannot do this on your own, and attempting to do so will likely void your Warranty.

Where can I find a copy of my Owner's Manual?

CLICK HERE to search our collection of current and discontinued model Owner’s Manuals.

How can I prevent dampness or moisture in my safe?

It is important to know that the safe will take on the climate that it is in. If you do have a problem with moisture, you will need to install a dehumidifier. Don’t let moisture rust your guns and damage your sensitive documents.

Do I need to bolt down (anchor) my safe?

Yes, it is very important that you bolt down (anchor) your safe to the floor for added security protection. An anchored safe cannot be tipped and helps prevent break-ins by greatly reducing pry leverage. Thieves frequently try to tip a safe on its back to use their body weight to pry open the safe door.

How do I bolt down my safe?

CLICK HERE to see bolt-down instructions.

Where can I find my serial number?

Your safe’s serial number is in your Owner’s Manual and on the inside of door (near locking bolts) If you need the serial number and cannot access your Manual or the inside of your safe, your serial number can be found in one of three different places on the outside of the safe, depending on when it was manufactured. Looking at the front of the safe, check the bottom right hand corner on the hinge side for a serial number label. If no label is present, check the safe body’s side or back of the safe. When checking the back of the safe, you may need to use a mirror and flashlight. (Serial numbers placed on the back of the safe are most frequently placed on the top corner opposite the hinge side.)

How do I get into my safe after a fire or burglary attack?

If your safe is damaged in a fire or burglary attack, please contact us to report a damaged safe. Do not be alarmed if your keypad has melted off, or if you see the Palusol® seal expanded. It is designed to expand in a fire to seal the safe off as a barrier to heat and smoke. This is a good indicator that your valuables inside are safe. Submit your form to initiate the process, and with a registered warranty, we will send a locksmith to open your damaged safe, replace your damaged safe with a same or equal value model and deliver it to your curb — all free of charge. That’s the Winchester Guarantee.

What are your customer service hours?

Winchester Safes’ Customer Support Team is available via phone and email Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, except on holidays. Since you’re reading this on our website, you can navigate to our Support section to access 24/7/365 support with step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos, forms, manuals, and answers to many frequently asked questions.

How does the Lifetime Warranty differ from the Extended Lock Warranty?

The Lifetime Warranty is applicable to the original owner (or next owner if properly transferred) and it warrants against fire and burglary attacks, as well as any defects with materials or workmanship. The lock has a one (1) or two (2) year Manufacturer Warranty (from date of purchase) depending on the Manufacturer, but you may purchase the Extended Lock Warranty on almost every lock used on a Winchester Safe, for an additional nine (9) years of coverage. See our EXTENDED WARRANTY page for purchasing details.

Do the safes that you manufacture meet the California DOJ requirements?

Yes. Every single Winchester Safe produced meets the California DOJ requirements. All safe models built with 12 ga. or thicker steel are U.L. Listed as a Residential Security Container (RSC). U.L. listing supersedes the California DOJ requirements for safes. Additionally, all Winchester safes are built with U.L. Listed locks.

Where can I buy your products?

You’re in the right spot. Browse our home, office and gun safes on this site, where you can purchase safes and accessories, and arrange for delivery from your nearest dealer. To compare our superior quality to competitor’s safes in person and understand the Winchester Advantage for yourself, go to the “Find A Dealer” page to locate a Winchester Safes dealer in your area.

How do I clean my safe?

Our safes come with a durable, attractive powder coat finish. Used a warm sudsy cloth when needed, but stay away from abrasive cleaners that might damage the safe’s graphics. The interior can be swept out with a dry brush or small broom, but we are partial to using lint rollers in our own.

How private is the personal information I provide on your website?

Any form that you fill out on our website (Warranty Registration, Extended Lock Warranty Coverage, Combination Request, etc.) is extremely secure. We sell security for a living. We do not sell, distribute, or reveal the personal information you provide. We may send occasional product information and offers, but will never spam you.

What if someone takes my keypad? Can they get into my safe?

No, they will not have access to your safe. The keypad is just a power source that transmits the combination code to the lock inside the safe. Your code is stored in the lock body on the inside of the safe. If a thief attempts to punch through your lock, internal and external relockers will fire, securing your solid steel bolts in place. Even if someone puts a new keypad on your, safe they will not be able to open your safe without your combination. The lock has a non-volatile memory, so it will retain the last programmed code you have entered regardless of replacing the keypad or battery.

What is the factory code on an Electronic Lock?

Every safe is programmed with 1-2-3-4-5-6 as the factory code. (Which is why we suggest changing electronic lock combination to a personal code during initial setup of your safe. Store it in a safe place.)

Do I need to change my code from 1-2-3-4-5-6?

Yes. As mentioned above, every safe is programmed with a 1-2-3-4-5-6 code from the factory. You should change the electronic lock combination to your own personal code, careful not to pick obvious or easily-guessed combinations. Always store your new code in a safe place, outside of your safe.

My mechanical dial is becoming increasingly difficult to open. It sometimes takes five or ten times for me to get it open. Is my lock failing?

Your lock is not failing. You need to drop the middle number of your combination down by one digit. For example, if your combination is 10-20-30 you will dial 10-19-30.

Should I service my safe?

Your safe does not require any service to it. The best thing you can do is keep a fresh 9-volt Energizer® or Duracell® battery around in case your battery gets low.

How long will it take for me to receive my order if I order a safe online?

Your selected dealer will provide an accurate delivery time at the time of payment and delivery arrangements. For most in-stock safes, delivery typically occurs within 1-3 weeks. Special orders may take 6-8 weeks to ship to your selected dealer. Rush orders may be placed directly with the dealer and are subject to a $500 Rush Fee.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

For extended warranty, warranty transfer, lost combination and other service-related purchased, Winchester Safes accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express through our site. When purchasing a safe or accessories, you will submit payment directly to your selected dealer. You will need to confirm payment options with the dealer directly.

Can my order be shipped to a P.O. box?

No. We apologize for any inconvenience, but UPS, FedEx and long haul truckers will not ship packages to P.O. boxes.

Can I place my order over the phone?

Yes, you can place an order over the phone. Please call our Sales Department at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901, option 2, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, except holidays. You can always order any time, 24/7/365 online.