History of Winchester Safes

The American Legend

Ever since its beginnings in 1866, Winchester has sustained the legacy of its heritage as an American original.

Winchester’s image is synonymous with that of the cowboy, the Indian, the lawman, the pioneer, the mesa, the mountains, the desert, and the grandeur of the west. It’s no wonder Winchester is referred to as "The American Legend."

The famous horse and rider logo symbolizes reliability and innovation. In 1991, that legacy was reiterated when Granite Security Products partnered with Winchester, connecting state-of-the-art safe technology with the rich history of an American icon.

We’ve manufactured Winchester Safes for well over 28 years. That experience provides the knowledge to design the best products in the gun and home safe industry. As our industry evolves, we champion the integrity of the Winchester name and what that name means to our customers.

In 2012, Winchester Safes fulfilled its goal to once again manufacture our gun safes back in our hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, we’ve invested in some of the most highly automated and sophisticated gun safe manufacturing equipment available. Our American facilities use the latest technology in laser cutting, robotic-tended forming equipment and robotic welding. This equipment allows us to build gun safes with the finest fit, consistency and finish in the industry. It also enables us to produce and build gun safes faster than any of our competitors. A Winchester gun safe comes off our production line, ready to be shipped, every 2.2 minutes.

Since opening our new Fort Worth, Texas, facilities we continue to expand our line of Made in the USA Gun Safes. US safe production is at an all-time high as our customers show a commitment to supporting the home front by purchasing our American-made products. In 2017, the vast majority of the safes we sell are proudly built in Fort Worth, Texas.